The January 18th  2024 was an unforgettable day in the history of Ubuntu village of Life. The day marked the opening ceremonies of the Ubuntu Medical polyclinic, the opening of Bururi American corner hosted by UVL and launching of agroecology program.

Thanks to the medical equipement of the value of more thann 500,000 USDdonated by the US Ministry of Defense through the US embassy in Burundi, the Ubuntu medical clinic now turned to a polyclinic with all the services, equipement and staff that allow it to operate as a polyclinic.

The ceremonies were marked by the presence of high authorities of the country including His Excellency the Vice-President of the Republic of Burundi, the Minister of Health and Fight Against AIDS, delegations from different Ministries, the governor of Bururi Province, the administror of Mugamba commune and many other authorities. Other distinguished guests included the  UVL technical and financial partners including the US embassy delegation led by the chargé d’affaire, a.i, Madiro foundation delegation as well as other local partners.

The ceremonies started with cutting the ribbon by His Excellency the Vice-President of the Republic as of official inauguration of Ubuntu Medical Polyclinic followed by a tour in different polyclinic services. That was a good occasion for Dr Alexis Nizigiyimana, the founder and CEO of Ubuntu Village of Life to present various equipments offered by the US Ministry of Defense through the US embassy as well as the polyclinic inovative approaches in care giving.

The tour continued to the Bururi American corner hosted by UVL where the Vice-President of the Republic also proceeded to the official launch of the corner. The corner has more than 2000 books, 18 computers, a projector and a screen, tablets, and more. This equipment help students from the surrounding schools and adults to learn English language, computer literacy, entrepreneurship and other topics. Before a brief introduction of the corner by Dr Alexis, the Vice-President of the Republic of Burundi signed in the book of guests.

The health holistic approach of  the organization did not exclude nutrition and food security, which are the bases of good health. In this realm, the guests were taken to the Agroecology school field which was also inaugurated that day. The field will be a place of learning and practicing of in agroecology and selected seed multiplication. It contains diverse plants for human and animal consumption, medical plants as well as plants and animals to produce biopesticides and bioferlizers. The aim of the center is to be able to produce and distribute selected seeds to the population of Mugamba and the surrounding zones, and the capacity to produce biofertilizers and bio-insecticides for themselves.

After inauguration of the agro-ecology school field, the visitors went on laying the break of the first stone as a sign of foundation laying of the American green and research hospital construction. Then, all the guests, guided by doctor Alexis visited all the plantations and animals that are being used as practicing materials for the agroecology project. Everyone was pleased by the amazing project that Ubuntu Village of Life is implementing through the integrated health-education approach.

The last step of the event was made reception and speeches and remarks from distinguished personalities.  These were introduced by a welcome remark from Dr. Alexis Nizigiyimana who thanked all the people who attended the event. He put a particular accent on the supporters who keep supporting the project from its beginning. He thanked particularly the US Government and Madiro foundation for financial and technical support and requested to keep supporting the organization. He also thanked the Burundian Government for issuing a land for the extension of the project. He didn’t forget to call upon other partners to join the project and bring their support in order to achieve the vision. Other guest peakers included the chargé d’affaire a.i at the US embassy, the public officer at the US embassy, the representative of Madiro Foundation, the governor of Bururi province and the representative of the Burundi US Department of States funded programs Alumni Association. All those guests highlighted the amazing work Ubuntu Village of Life is doing in serving the Mugamba community, and renewed their engagement to keep supporting the organization in all they can so to reach the defined goals.

Let’s mention that the ceremonies were also an occasion of giving certificates to two groups trained by UVL: The first is made of 30 single women trained in Agroecology and agribusiness and the second is made of 40 youth belonging to UVL basketball academy.

The ceremonies ended in a very warm environment with an excellent moment of networking.


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