Ubuntu Medical Center Project

By the end of 2020 we expect to have established in Mugamba Province and the five surrounding rural areas a fully functioning Mother and Child health clinic.  We will offer a holistic health care program for women that will provide basic free health care, counseling support, psychological services and nutritional supplements.  The general population will also be invited to use the services as applicable.  Specific services will include:

  1. Medical care for the pregnant woman including basic antenatal, neonatal and post-natal care services (blood and urine tests, routine check-ups, psychological advice and support and medical treatment for the healthy new-born,
  2. Neonatal Intensive care, and gynecology-obstetrician care (Caesarian section,)
  3. Free distribution of feminine hygiene products
  4. Contraception and family planning advice
  5. Support groups led by experts on multiple topics related to the mother and child
  6. Workshops and lectures on nutrition during pregnancy, breast feeding, and early childhood dietary needs (volunteer females health workers)
  7. Food supplements to malnourished children and adults

The center will use holistic approaches to fulfill its mission, and it will also serve as an employment training center for the entire population.  Issues that will be addressed include:

  1. Agricultural training, agribusiness and food conservation
  2. Education support for refugees and orphaned children to help with reintegration into the school system
  3. Women empowerment programs.

UVL is fundraising to build a maternal and child health clinic. The needs include the following items:

medical supplies such as :MRI,CT scan ,ICU ,ultrasound, X- ray imaging machine, lab equipment.

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