Since January 2021, in the capital of Mugamba commune, a medical clinic has been operational. The population of Mugamba commune qualifies this clinic as a manna from heaven offered to them. She indicates that the latter treats and cures diseases that were once treated in Bujumbura or in other large hospitals.

We are Monday, June 14, 2021. The promoter of the initiative, native of Mugamba commune not far from the site which houses the clinic, welcomes the Ambassador of the United States of America, the major financier of the Project. At 10 am, the delegation arrives on the scene. A huge crowd came to attend the ceremony. It is the solemn opening of the clinic. Songs liven up the festivities. In addition to this opening, free screening for pathologies such as diabetes, high blood pressure, malnutrition and ultrasound is offered.

The population of Mugamba commune positively appreciates the construction of a clinic in their commune. She indicates that the clinic came at the right time. “We used to receive treatment in Bujumbura, at the Matana hospital (Bururi province) in Mwaro or at the Ijenda Hospital (Bujumbura province). And it was costing us a lot of time and money. We should have money for treatment, housing and other needs. Now that we have our clinic, the expense of time and money is minimal. This clinic is like a manna offered to us ”

Beneficiaries rejoice

Pregnant women rejoice. They specify that previously, they gave birth without however consulting a doctor for lack of means to do the ultrasound. Josiane Nahimana is one of them. She lives in Mugamba commune, Rukere hill. She had come to consult the ophthalmologist and the ultrasound machine. “I gave birth to 9 children but two of them died. “For the 9 pregnancies, this is the first time that I have done the ultrasound because not only the prices are affordable, but also the distance is reduced,” says Ms. Nahimana.

Marie Rose Nijimbere is a community health worker. She indicates that previously, she had her eyes treated in Bujumbura and spent a lot of money. She adds that the ultrasound service was provided in Bujumbura or in other large hospitals. “Now, we get treatment at a low price of 5000FBu only whether it is for the ophthalmology or ultrasound consultation,” she says.

Hakizimana Ntarugera Salvator is a teacher at the Muramba Trades Education Center. “We were treated at the Muramba health center or at the Nyagasasa health center, but we had never been consulted by a doctor. This clinic came at the right time with many advantages ”,


The local population benefits

In his speech, the governor of Bururi province, Leonidas Bandenzamaso said he was satisfied with the activities carried out by the NGO Ubuntu Village of Life. “In the old days, those who got rich went to build elsewhere, but in this case, Dr Nizigiyimana came to develop his native commune,” he says. In addition, he invites the population of the municipality to support and support the project in one way or another.

Ms. Mélanie Harris Higgins, US Ambassador to Burundi, underlines that the clinic is very beneficial, especially as it is close to the community. And a low or middle income community. She reaffirms that the US Embassy in Burundi will support any initiative aimed at improving social well-being and especially in the field of health as it has always done.

Dr Alexis Nizigiyimana, promoter of the clinic informs that since the opening of the clinic, more than 5000 people have benefited from health services including 1000 people for the ophthalmology department, 100 women for the maternity department, 800 people for the ultrasound service and more than 4000 people have benefited from the pharmacy services.

However, all is not rosy

However, all is not rosy, he says. The site housing the clinic remains cramped, services that the clinic cannot offer due to lack of materials. This is why he asks the municipal and provincial administration and the entire community to contribute to the realization of the project, especially since this clinic also benefits the population of Matana, Bisoro, Burambi, Mukike, Mwaro.

On the sidelines of the solemn opening of the clinic, a professional training center in English was opened. Also, kits to fight against Covid 19 including masks, soaps, buckets were distributed to the Muramba II primary school, a school under Anglican convention.



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