Diabetes patients in the province of Cibitoke have just received therapeutic advice from specialist doctors from the NGO, Burundi Non-Communicable diseases Alliance.
As part of their project “Media Engament to make Non-communicable Disease a development priority in Burundi and in Eastern Africa” supported by EANCDA and DNCDA, two specialist doctors Doctor François Ndikumwenayo and Doctor Patrice Barasukana fromNGO“Burundi non Communicable Deseases Aliance” carried out a descent in the province of Cibitoke in the West of Burundi in order to give therapeutic advice to diabetes patients of this province grouped within the Association Pour la Prévention du Diabète et la Prize in charge of Diabetics in Cibitoke Province, APDPDPC. On behalf of the beneficiaries, the President of this association warmly thanked this organization for this support of great importance.

Family photo at the end of the session
“It is for us, once again, a great opportunity to welcome the specialist doctors of the NGO, Burundi Non-Communicable diseases Alliance, who came with an objective of supporting us by giving us therapeutic advice. to continue to live better with diabetes,” said the president of the Association for the Prevention and Care of Diabetics in the province, Mr. Déo Nahishakiye in his welcome address before adding that patients have difficulties with diabetes. ‘access this kind of advice; which are nevertheless essential, especially in rural areas.
Patients in turn had the opportunity to ask questions in order to gain more insight into the behavior to adopt in the face of the situations they experience on a daily basis while taking the drugs. The meeting was also a framework to have clarifications on the diet recommended for patients.
“Is it allowed for sick people to eat certain foods like meat?” According to the information we have, we have often been told that diabetics must absolutely give up taking all delicious foods,” confesses one of the patients.
“I was in the hospital one day and the one who received me told me that I must give up work which requires a lot of effort. He told me that my antibodies had significantly decreased” explains a woman suffering from this disease.
Doctors François Ndikumwenayo and Patrice Barasukana then reminded patients that diabetes is a disease that can affect other parts of the body including the eyes, heart, intestines and kidneys if the diagnosis has not been made very early. They advised them to take the medication properly, scrupulously respecting the doses prescribed by the nursing staff. In addition to medication, they continued, physical exercise is also recommended for all patients in order to reduce the excess sugar in their bodies. Diet is also another factor to be taken into consideration on a daily basis for all patients.
“You should know that there are foods that are strictly prohibited for people with diabetes. These are overly sweet lemonades and juices. Still other foods should be consumed in moderation. These are fruits like ripe bananas, pineapples, oranges and many more. Finally, other foods are to be consumed in a large combination. These are bananas, beans, cassava, sweet potato, corn paste, cassava paste … Patients will not however have to deprive themselves of consuming any kind of meat”, explains Doctor François Ndikumwenayo. by his colleague Doctor Patrice Barasukana.
They also attracted the attention of patients that they must eat well and in sufficient quantities. If this is not the case, they conclude, patients expose themselves to hypoglycemia and this often leads to death if this situation is not properly controlled.
The two doctors thus asked these patients to be messengers in their social circles by inviting all people with clinical signs of diabetes to undergo screening as soon as possible. This will prevent cases of complications, the effects of which are often irremediable.
For his part, the President of the Association for the Prevention and Care of Diabetics in the province of Cibitoke, Mr. Déo Nahishakiye asked members of the organization “Burundi Non-Communicable Diseases Alliance” to play the role of intercessor with partners so that diabetes care is free as is the case for HIV.

Delivery of equipment to the holders of Health Centers in the presence of the Provincial Doctor and Doctors of health districts.
This descent was also an opportunity to provide material support to seven health centers in the three districts which take care of diabetic’s members of the Association for the Prevention and Care of Diabetics in the province of Cibitoke. Composed of a kit of protection against covid 19 (masks, gloves) and readers and blood glucose strips, this help was well appreciated by the managers of the beneficiary health centers.
By Anicet Ntisumbwa, GP

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